Pokemon fans have plenty of ways to express their love of the long-running series. But when on the lookout for something sparkly, U-treasure is a Japanese jewellers that creates delicate pieces inspired by various Pokemon that can be worn by anyone, for any occasion.

There’s so many Pokemon to choose from in their range that there’s sure to be one that resonates with you. If you relate to the sparky energy of electric Pokemon, they released a lightning bolt necklace featuring all the fan favourites, and if you’re known for your changeable nature, you can go for Ditto.

But for Pokemon trainers who feel most represented by their ability to spend a whole day sleeping and eating, U-treasure’s new Snorlax pendant may be of interest. The dangling charm isn’t flat and the small Snorlax hanging off the necklace is detailed 360 degrees around so he looks cool however he falls.

The simple silver pendant is 16,500 yen, but if gold is your colour it can be copped in 18 carat yellow, or pink gold for 165,000 yen. The most precious metal they offer is platinum 950, costing 220,000 yen.

The necklace can be found online in the GIV store, where you can find plenty of other Pokemon-themed items!

By - Jess.