Musical ice cream vendors, Cold Stone Creamery, have brought their sweet creations to locations around the world, but the branches in Japan seem to play host to the cutest ice cream offerings around. Sometimes they are inspired by adorable characters such as Rilakkuma and Little Twin Stars, other times they have seasonal treats like their Halloween ‘Trick or Sweets’ line up.

Speaking of seasonal collections, their newest ice cream formulations are coming out just in time for New Year. In a win for wagashi fans, the duo are inspired by traditional Japanese tastes blended with some Western style desserts.

This collaborative approach is exemplified in the ‘Nishio Matcha Mont Blanc’, which even comes served in a matcha waffle bowl. This mountain of matcha goodness contains green tea ice cream, langue de chat cookies, red beans, whipped cream, matcha cream and powdered sugar. The luxurious matcha is sourced from Nishio in Aichi prefecture.

The second addition to the menu is an ice cream version of a traditional Japanese dessert, brown sugar syrup and roasted soybean flour covered mochi. The ‘Kuromitsu Kinako Mochi’ is made up of sweet cream ice cream, red beans, warabi mochi, whipped cream, roasted soybean flour and brown sugar syrup.

The two sweet treats will appear at branches of Cold Stone all over Japan from 26th December for a limited time.

By - Jess.