It’s not the beans, it’s the brew method.

If you’re fed up with mediocre at-home drip coffee that doesn’t quite hit those taste buds, then you are not alone.

When people don’t enjoy their coffee as much as they’d like to, the blame normally falls to the coffee grind. Whilst this could be the cause in some cases, the fault may actually lie with your pourover kettle or drip pot.
When you pour a hand-drip brew with a general kettle or conventional drip pot, it can be difficult to control the water flow, which often pours out too vigorously. This often overlooked problem can lead to a pretty inconsistent brew, that you wouldn’t order again if you were in a coffee shop.

Aux ltd. and the craftsmen of Tsubamesanjo have heard the calls for a better home-brewing method and have come up with this ultra-fine nozzle drip coffee pot made for creating the ultimate drip brew!

With the Extra Fine Drip Pot, water flows like a delicate thread through an ultra-fine 3.4mm nozzle. This extremely thin pour means that the coffee grind is slowly infiltrated by the hot water, leading to a superior and professional tasting brew.

Conventional spouts on coffee drip pots and kettles are often S-shaped (also known as ‘swan necked’), but the Extra Fine Drip Pot’s ultra-fine nozzle is L-shaped. This acute angle means that the drip pot need only be tilted at a slight angle in order to create a flow of water. S-shaped nozzles create an arc of water, which can be hard to control, but the Extra Fine Drip Pot’s L-shaped spout means that the water falls vertically, and will hit the coffee grind exactly where it is aimed.

The secret to a good water flow lies in the nozzle and the lip. The tip of the Extra Fine Drip Pot is cut at an extremely acute angle, for the ultimate pour-over control.

The Extra Fine Drip Pot is made of stainless steel. To stop the transfer of heat to the user’s hand, the handle is lined by heat-reduction holes.

The Extra Fine Drip Pot can hold up to 350ml of liquid (a good amount for about 2 cups of coffee). The product can be purchased online through the product page for 7,000 yen.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.