Akihabara-based retailer Thanko has a reputation for making practical appliances, but recently they've been shifting their focus to helping out solo-diners with devices that help deliver some tasty treats for those who need to only cook for themselves. The Japanese maker recently released a personal rice cooker and bento combo that whips up just the right amount of rice for one person, as well as a one-person ramen hot pot that cooks gourmet noodles.

Now Thanko is aiming to please fans of the variety of fried foods found at izakaya pubs, this time with Kalari, a one-person and quick cooking fryer!

Measuring in at 206 mm (W) x 145 mm (H) x 107 mm (D), Kilari is an ultra-compact personal fryer that takes up minimal space in the kitchen. It consists of a base heater unit and a removable pot. Oil is placed in the pot, and the power and temperature can be controlled with the slide switch on the entire surface of the heater unit. Heat can be adjusted from a minimum of 50°C to 200°C, the it requires only 300ml of oil to cook. It's also quite easy to wash.

While you can obviously fry anything, Thanko recommends Japanese pub favorites such as tonkatsu, kushi-katsu, tempura, and fried shrimp.

Thanko's video shows just how easy it is to use to fry up a tasty solo menu of Japanese pub food.

Thanko sells the personal fryer on both Amazon and their own official website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.