It’s official, summer has arrived. The turn of the season brings with it beach days, fireworks, and romantic evenings surrounded by fireflies, but it also means the arrival of two of Japan’s most unloved things; mosquitoes and the unbearable heat.
However, Japan has a way of dealing with things; you can deter pesky mosquitoes with the help of a charming kayari buta incense burner, and you keep chilled throughout the summer by chomping down on a mountain of shaved ice – known in Japan as kakigori.

Originally limited to festivals, kakigori is now widely available, and can even be bought from your local convenience store. If, however, you are looking for something with a little more uniqueness, then there are plenty of speciality stores that focus on creating the perfect pile of shaved ice.

For the coffee lovers amongst us, Blue Bottle Coffee Japan has just released a ‘Coffee and Milk Kakigori’ as part of a special summer collaboration with Konnyaku Sushi and Shaved Ice ‘KON’.

This is the first time that Blue Bottle Coffee Japan has offered shaved ice as part of their summer menu. The dessert will only be available until 31 August 2021, but it will help get us through the summer heat.

Developed by Blue Bottle Coffee Japan and Konnyaku Sushi and Shaved Ice ‘KON’, the dish has been dubbed as ‘an adult shaved ice’ that combines the freshest ingredients of the season.

The Coffee and Milk Cream Kakigori is created by carefully flavouring shaved ice with coffee syrup and salted caramel sauce produced by Blue Bottle Coffee. Sugared orange peel shavings and chopped nuts are hidden within the mountain of ice, creating surprising texture and flavour with each and every bite.
The dessert pairs well with coffee, and is perfect for enjoying a relaxing moment and forgetting about the summer heat.

Blue Bottle Coffee Japan x KON Coffee and Milk Cream Kakigori

Eat-in: 1,320 yen
Take-out: 1,296 yen

The dessert is available until 31 August 2021 from 11:00am to 18:00pm at the following Blue Bottle Coffee stores; Aoyama Cafe, Roppongi Cafe, Kyoto Kiyamachi Cafe and the Minatomirai Cafe

By - Connie Sceaphierde.