When it comes to cheese tea, there is one shop that stands out among the crowd, and that's machi machi. Having earned the somewhat hyperbolic moniker 'god' cheese tea shop back home in Taiwan, they've also been enjoying success in Japan.

Now, to usher in the Year of the Ox 2021, machi machi is offering a limited-time holiday latte incorporating traditional Japanese flavors. In a nod to the Japanese New Year's tradition of eating mochi rice cakes, this latte features an extra dose of chewiness, which is sometimes described in Japanese with the ideophonic expression mochi mochi:

Mochi Mochi Matcha Azuki Latte

"Mochimochi Matcha Azuki Latte" begins with a smoothie-type matcha latte base which isn't cloyingly sweet poured over a layer of tsubu-an paste made with plump, premium Hokkaido Azuki red beans, then topped with the special "crème brûlée" cheese cream used in the popular "Brûlée Milk Tea" offered at machi machi's Harajuku store. Finally, a skewer of chewy mochi dumplings on top round out the experience.

You can enjoy the variety in tastes which change from layer to layer, and you can even combine tastes by mixing them up, or dip your mochi skewer inside for a new taste experience.

Product Information

  • Name (JP): もちもち抹茶あずきラテ
  • Name (EN): Mochi Mochi Matcha Azuki Latte
  • Price: 680 JPY + tax
  • Available from Jan. 2nd to Jan. 31st, 2021

Special Offer 1

Customers who order a Mochi Mochi Matcha Azuki Latte on Jan. 2nd, 3rd or 4th can get taro pearls added free of charge (usually 100 JPY + tax)

Special Offer 2

Customers who buy a Mochi Mochi Matcha Azuki Latte between Jan. 2nd and Jan. 7th will receive a bag of the prized Taiwanese Sun Moon Lake Black Tea 日月潭紅茶 used in machi machi beverages (until supplies last).

Special Offer 3

Between Jan. 2nd and 31st, 2021, customers who follow machi machi's Instagram account and post a photo of their Mochi Mochi Matcha Azuki Latte with the hashtag #もちもち抹茶あずきラテ will automatically be entered into a lottery to receive a 50% off coupon. For details, see machi machi's Instagram account.

For more information about machi machi, visit their official homepage here.

By - Ben K.