Recently, Twitter user Satoru (@aerial2009) snapped a picture of a sparrow and he posted it online. On a recent winter day, a sparrow was taking a break and it happened to seem as though it were melting. Indeed, Satoru has quite the eye for capturing those moments that pull on everyone’s heartstrings. Many people are reacted to his post.

Indeed, Twitter users agreed the sparrow seemed like it was melting. With its feathers fluffed up in such away, it also had a striking resemblance to Japanese mirror-shaped rice cake.

Fortunately, sparrows are quite common in Japan and residents can see them outside anytime. When they are relaxed, they happen to pose in such an adorable way.

Twitter users are reacted to Satoru’s post:

  • “It’s a ‘Sparrow mochi’”
  • ”I want to decorate my room with it.”
  • ”It’s cute! I think there is this kind of slime… “

Melting animals in a hot spring

Sure enough, during winter everyone is focused on staying warm. Animals are no exception. In Japan, it’s not uncommon to find other “melting” animals relaxing in a hot spring during the colder months. Twitter users have managed to generate some amusing posts:

”Today’s cold. But ‘Capybara Hot Spring’ has a warm open-air bath. Capybaras, who are sensitive to cold, are gathering here to get warm.”

”I went to this park in Izu to see some capybaras. But they won’t leave the hot spring.”

”This pervert kangaroo is trying to catch a peek of these capybaras”

Japanese hot spring are famous among all kinds of visitors. Indeed, when you go to a hot spring, there might be “other” customers. Please respect their privacy.

We all need some warmth

Some love hot spring, while others prefer to bask in the sun. A Twitter user posted this street cat’s picture.

“She is basking in the sun(∗ˊᵕ`∗)”

People reacted:

  • ”She’s cute.”
  • ”She looks warm.”

”A break in the weather. This fox is basking in the sun. He knows where its warm. Please make it through the winter. Everything was covered with snow as far as the eye could see in Sapporo.”

Another option is cuddling.

“I am often asked ‘Do monkeys in Yakushima enter hottubs?’ But they are not good with water. So they hug each other and to get warm.”

People reacted:

  • “They seem like it feels good.”
  • “They are cute! I want to join them.”

“On such a cold day, it’s an occasion for a “Monkey dumpling.” Well, but the white bear manjyu also looks warm. He he he. I want to join both.”

People are reacted:

  • “These monkeys look warmer than the white bear?”
  • “These monkeys’ fur looks soft. The white bear’s fur seems harder than expected.”

I feel bad these critters don’t know the joy of a Japanese kotatsu, heated table, on a cold winter’s day. Nevertheless, they know how to keep. And their relaxed appearance make also warm viewers' hearts. Japanese winters are truly cold, and there’s a difficult situation all over the world with the pandemic. But I’m glad these guys are here to help us forget about it.

By - Luke Mahoney.