Floresta is a Japanese doughnuts company which started in Nara and now has stores all over Japan. They’re known for their organic doughnuts which are all made by hand. Not only are their doughnuts full of good stuff, but they are also particularly well presented with cute animal doughnuts and more on offer. And just when we thought their creations couldn’t get any more adorable, they started teaming up with Sanrio on character-inspired doughnuts.

The collaboration treats we’ve been blessed with so far are like an all-stars lineup of Sanrio’s most popular and beloved characters. Hello Kitty and her beau Dear Daniel turned up for Christmas in some super cute snowy doughnuts, and for Halloween we saw Cinamoroll's spookiest costume.

Now for New Year, we’re getting an appearance from one of the most popular Sanrio creations at the moment, Gudetama. The character’s lethargic nature makes him the perfect poster boy for the season that many people spend lounging around their family home stuffing their face.

Meeting people during early New Year in Japan always calls for an exchange of New Years greetings. ‘Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu’ means 'Happy New Year', and ‘kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu’ means 'let’s be good to each other this year'. These set phrases appear on Gudetama’s doughnuts in their cute-sounding, shortened versions (‘ake ome’ and ‘koto yoro’), which are often used amongst good friends.

The adorable image of Gudetama, plus the warm New Year greeting phrases make these treats perfect to give to friends or family to celebrate the start of 2021.

These lazy egg featuring doughnuts are going on sale from 9th January until 24th January and can be found in both selected Floresta stores (list can be found here) and their online shop.

By - Jess.