With the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal movie release, fans of the classic anime have been spoilt in Japan with a whole host of magical items. There’s been Sailor Moon watches, Sailor Moon glasses, and even a collaboration with a planetarium.

With all this excitement, everyone’s wallets may have taken a pretty big hit, but luckily, for this collection you’ll only need 3 coins.

Well that’s the concept of Japanese store '3COINS', anyway. The bulk of their products only cost 300 yen (about $3), so you can pay with three hundred yen coins. Of course, the tax added at the end puts a stop to you literally using three hundred yen coins to pay, and bigger or fancier items are more likely to be 500 yen (about $5), but it’s just a concept.

And even so, their adorable Sailor Moon lineup is still very affordable to enable any magical girl fan to easily transform their room into a Sailor shrine.

Thirty-five items are being released, which includes dishes, cups, mirrors, umbrellas, bags, makeup organisers, blankets, towels and more, which all cost just either 500 or 300 yen.

Each one has an original design exclusive to 3COINS.

The collection will appear just in time to save the day from 16th January at branches of 3COINS all over Japan (including their other stores such as 3COINS+plus、colle、3COINS OOOPS!、3COINS station, and ASOKO locations with a 3Coins section).

By - Jess.