Get yourself down to a Xie Xie Pearl store this spring for a bubble tea collaboration so cute, you could burst.

The store will be collaborating for a limited time with popular fictional characters from Sumikko Gurashi from January 8th to February 15th, and the mix up makes for some of the cutest drinks and merchandise on the bubble-tea market.

As a store that specialises in bubble-tea, what would a collaboration be without those sweet tapioca drinks? Of course, this mash-up between Xie Xie Pearl and Sumikko Gurashi is no exception, and so appearing on the menu during the limited time period, are four new unique drinks.
Each tasty beverage is inspired by individual Sumikko Gurashi characters, and come served up in original collaboration cups.

Shirokuma’s Raspberry Tea

Price: 700 yen
A ceylon tea featuring the refreshing touch of sweet and sour raspberry flavours.

Penguin?’s Rich Matcha Latte

Price: 700 yen
This tasty treat features Uji Matcha mixed with Xie Xie Pearl’s original cream and brown sugar tapioca. It’s perfect for those who enjoy rich, deep and bitter flavours.

Tokage’s Butterfly Pea

Price: 700 yen
This refreshing drink is made with nato de coco, citrus pulp and butterfly pea flower tea.

Tapioca character’s Chocolate Milk

Price: 700 yen
A sweet and tasty chocolate milk beverage that can be enjoyed by anyone. This drink is also available as hot chocolate so that it can be enjoyed in the colder weather.

In addition to the collaboration drinks menu, the store will also be selling a small collection of Xie Xie Pearl and Sumikko Gurashi crossover products and goods.

Multi-purpose clear case

Price: 600 yen
This clear case can store a variety of things, and since it features an antibacterial agent coating, it is ideal for storing face masks.

Xie Xie Pearl x Sumikko Gurashi My Bottle

Price: 1000 yen
Able to carry up to 350ml, this collaboration bottle is easy to fit into small bags, and is the perfect accompaniment for a day in the office or at school.

Xie Xie Pearl x Sumikko Gurashi Sticker Set

Price: 500 yen
Eight stickers featuring unique collaboration illustration designs can be purchased in random sets of two.

This adorable collaboration between Xie Xie Pearl and Sumikko Gurashi will be gone before you know it, so get down to your closest store as soon as possible so you don’t miss out.

Event: Xie Xie Pearl x Sumikko Gurashi Collaboration
Dates: 8 January 2021 - 15 February 2021
Location: All Xie Xie Pearl bubble tea stores in Japan

By - Connie Sceaphierde.