Japan’s two official Kirby Cafes, located in Tokyo and Hakata, constantly surprise fans with new and exciting treats, inspired by new game releases, or even seasons.

Their latest temporary menu is not in honour of any particular event, but it’s surely no coincidence that these chocolate-focused options are turning up just in time for February. The lineup, called ‘Chocolate de Pupupu’ could make a pretty good alternative gift for your 2021 Valentine.

The collective name of the three menu items may raise an eyebrow or two, but don’t worry, it’s a reference to ‘Pupupuland’, the Japanese name for Dreamland, the main setting of the Kirby games.

The dishes themselves are also filled to the brim with references to the series. The dessert pizza (1380 yen plus tax) is inspired by the scenery of Cocoa Station, with baked marshmallows and an orange slice level crossing.

The next offering is also a sweet version of a main dish, a chocolate ‘stew’ in a bread bowl (1480 yen plus tax). The combination of chocolate and fruit is one of Waddle Dee’s favourite eats apparently, which is why the little character can be seen decorating the dish.

There’s also an original drink themed around a Kirby location, Old Odyssey, a strawberry and chocolate soda (780 yen plus tax).

Sadly for chocoholic Kirby fans, the Chocolate de Pupupu menu will only be available from now until 28th February 2021. Check out the Kirby Cafe website for more information and to reserve a table online.

By - Jess.