Until now, Kirby fans looking for a delectable taste of the classic game series have had to make do with pop up cafes which would appear in various locations in Japan, before sadly disappearing and taking the cute Kirby themed menu items with them.

But no longer will lovers of the round, pink protagonist be left in Kirby Cafe limbo during the downtime, as the first ever permanent iteration of the themed eatery is opening in Tokyo.

Kirby Cafe Tokyo: A World's First

Of all the video game themed cafes we’ve seen in Japan, from Final Fantasy to Devil May Cry, the eats at Kirby Cafe seem to have the most imaginative tableware, and the new permanent cafe is no exception. You can even take home some of them yourself as a souvenir.

Many of the previous menu items make a return, such as the adorable Kirby burger, but there’s also brand new treats on the agenda.

There’s a selection of pizzas to be had which are all served on the original Kirby pizza plate, perfectly sized to make it look as though a whole pizza has been lodged in his open mouth. If you choose the half and half pizza (which costs more than the others at 3,980 yen plus tax), you can get your own Kirby pizza plate to take home with you.

Kirby’s loco moco bowl (1,980 yen) is served in a super cute Kirby lunch box, and if you order the menu item you also get your own handy lunch box.

Meta Knight’s matcha mousse (780 yen) is a sweet addition to the dessert menu.

Doctor Kirby’s 'secret research soda' (1,280 yen) takes the exciting form of a chemistry set, with a fluffy cloud of cotton candy to pour the various mystery liquids over.

The full menu is available on the Kirby Cafe Tokyo website, where you can also book in advance if you want to be sure of a table.

Kirby Cafe: The Store, Tokyo

The cafe will make its permanent residence in Tokyo Sky Tree Town’s Solamachi, on the 4th floor. Kirby fans making the visit won’t want to miss out on the other Kirby themed fun to be found on the 2nd floor. Kirby Cafe: The Store opened in October and sells awesome merchandise, including the original soundtrack of the cafe itself, called ‘The Sound of Kirby Cafe’, which is already on it’s second instalment.

The first ever permanent Kirby Cafe will open it's doors from 12th October 2019.

By - Jess.