Tokyo Solamachi is a popular spot for tourists since it’s located underneath Tokyo’s towering Skytree, one of the most famous attractions in the city.

This spring, the various restaurants and cafes in the shopping mall are releasing their own takes on sakura-inspired treats. This includes some beautiful sakura ice creams and gorgeous cherry blossom cheesecakes.

But one of these treats is surely a must-have for any gamer’s cherry blossom viewing picnic during spring. Tokyo Solamachi is also home to one of two official, permanent Kirby Cafes, the perfect place to pick up adorable eats inspired by the round, pink hero.

For this offering, which can be eaten in or taken out, Kirby is portrayed in some ‘temari sushi’. This is a type of sushi which is rolled into a ball shape, the perfect representation for Kirby’s physique.

The set is based on the idea of cherry blossom petals dancing in a spring breeze. The box can also be kept as a souvenir with many handy uses.

These adorable sushi balls will be sold from 19th March 2021 at Tokyo Solamachi’s branch of Kirby Cafe. It will cost 2138 yen for take out, and 2178 yen for eat in.

As the winter menu is still ongoing, there may be more spring additions announced later, so Kirby fans should keep their eyes peeled!

By - Jess.