The matcha dessert is truly a genre of its own in Japan at this point. From the dizzying heights of elaborate green tea parfaits to the most intense matcha ice cream in the world.

Even global brands such as Haagen-Dazs have their own take on the classic tea flavour with their matcha flavours becoming favourites at the convenience stores.

Now Haagen-Dazs have teamed up with famous Japanese green tea specialist cafe Nana’s Green Tea for a special Valentine’s Day menu item called ‘Matcha Chocolat Glass’.

The connection between chocolate and Valentine’s Day in Japan is common sense at this point, so of course a Valentine’s Day specific treat will contain chocolate in some form or another. In this collaboration, Haagen-Dazs supply their popular ‘sweet chocolate’ flavour ice cream, while Nana’s Green Tea provide their own original matcha flavour.

The glass parfait also contains meringue sticks, crumble cookies, white chocolate whipped cream and matcha chiffon cake. The strawberry sauce at the bottom also adds a touch of red perfect for the season.

This seasonal treat is currently available in seventy-seven branches of Nana's Green Tea in Japan, costing 880 yen plus tax, and will stay on the menu until the big day itself, 14th February. (Shop list can be found online.)

By - Jess.