It's no secret that you can take feline charm and slap it on a product to give it an instant legendary upgrade in terms of appeal, but these luggage-cat hybrid suitcases have such a combination of functionality and adorableness in their features that you might want to actually consider them a travel pet! Crowd-funding for the project started in December, 2016, but it's already shattered it's goal and now pre-order availability has fans in Japan and around the world anxious to have their personal travel-cat suitcase with kitty ears and kitty paw-wheels.

Called Fravel, the major allure of the suitcase lies in its cat-like appearance, but the Fravel makers claim the goal of the product is to help people channel the adventurous spirit of traveling with something light, cute, and convenient, that also emulates a pet. (Detailed specs are provided here.)

Motion sensors let the "cat" know you are near, and wiggle its ears when you pet it.

The cat-paw-shaped wheels rotate in all directions.

Waterproof, hidden compartments, and a USB charger give it some convenience as well.

Macaron, Black Cat, and even rainbow colors are available.

Source: Fravel

If you want to follow the project's timeline and release (set for September 2017 shipping if all goes well), check out their homepage, Kickstarter, and Facebook.

Here's a few introduction videos showing off features, and why Japan is anxious to add it to its collection of all things kawaii.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.