Many of Japanese retailer Village VAnguard's eccentric animal goods are of the wearable variety, including hats that make it appear as a cat is napping on your head and creepy wearable tentacle plushies. Their latest release, which takes inspiration from an anime canine featured in a Japanese TV drama about a middle-aged man obsessed with cutesy things, is something for derpy dog lovers to sit on: a giant yellow pug cushion!

While you're likely not wondering about the need for an adorable bubbly pug cushion, you may be confused about why it's yellow. The pug is actually named Pug-Taro, and is a favorite character of the protagonist of Japanese drama Ojisan wa Kawaii Mono ga Osuki ("Middle-aged man loves cute things"). The television show is adapted by the manga of the same name, and is about a divorced and somewhat straight-laced man who is secretly obsessed with cute things, including Pug-taro.

The plushie cushion, which has a soft and doughy texture, measures in at 35x35x35cm and is sold for 5,500 yen at Village Vanguard's online shop.

By - Big Neko.