With the warmer days of spring yet to fully arrive, atsukan, or hot sake, is still a popular boozy treat to warm yourself up with in Japan. Conscious of stay-at-home protocol, "Ponshu-gria", a combination of sangria and "nihonshu" (Japanese sake), has become a popular way of enjoying hot sake without needing to head to a bar or pub. Ponshu-gria, a lineup of jars filled dried fruits, beet sugar, and light brown sugar functions as a make-it-yourself sake sangria intended to be used with atsukan.

Ponshu-gria is now embracing its warming nature even more by providing two new flavors--Minestrone and Clam Chowder, which means you can now enjoy instant hot sake soup at home!

The new Ponshu-gria Minestrone and Clam Chowder flavors turns the lineup on its head with the concept of "soup cocktails". Each jar contains a base that recreates the soup's flavor, and simply require a half-and-half mixture of hot water and hot sake to almost instantly create a soupy and boozy cocktail in a jar.


Clam Chowder

The two new soup cocktail flavors, as well as others such as yuzu, Japanese oden, and the original fruity variations, can be ordered online in Japan from Ponshu-gria's online store.

By - Big Neko.