While many associate Nissin with their Cup Noodle ramen brand, their bowl-shaped Donbei lineup provides an udon and soba alternative for noodle lovers. Particularly at the end of the year, Donbei's tempura soba is a popular seller, as it's an easy accommodation for the Japanese tradition of toshikoshi-soba (year-end buckwheat noodles). Along with a number of other reasons, soba noodles are eaten on New Year's Eve as the long and thin noodles are thought to symbolize long life and thus the perfect "prayer food" for good health headed into the new year.

Slurping long soba noodles with the hope of long life can happen anytime of year though, and Nissin is making sure those doing so have a very fitting option with their newest release: instant tempura soba with 1 meter-long noodles!

The Donbei Tempura Soba: Itsumo yori nagai choju kigan soba ("Longer than usual longevity prayer soba") contains thin soba noodles that can be stretched out to a length of 1 meter, the longest in Donbei history, providing constant slurping action. The rest of bowl contains Donbei's Tempura Soba soy sauce and bonito based dashi, rich in umami and served with crunchy tempura bits, green onions, and shichimi red pepper.

The super long longevity soba noodles will go on sale nationwide in Japan starting February 8th.

By - Big Neko.