Fans of popular anime series Gintama were treated to the theatrical release of the movie Gintama THE FINAL recently in Japan, and now they can celebrate with their own personal giant Elizabeth plushie companion thanks to anime goods shop Animate.

Even at just 1/3 the estimated size of the blank-faced large duck/penguin-like Amanto, the Elizabeth plushie is still quite massive coming in at 60×35×29cm. It has an elastic and squishy texture that makes it perfect to use for either cuddling, a pillow, or simply as some adorable Gintama interior decor.

Hug your Elizabeth

Take your Elizabeth for walks

Grab a coffee with your Elizabeth

Sleep on your Elizabeth

Orders for the big Elizabeth cushion can be made up until March 3, 2021 from the Movic online store, as well as the Animate online shop as well.

By - Big Neko.