Children are full of energy and easily get riled up regardless of where they are, but generally follow the same sleeping patterns as adults.

Newborn babies, on the other hand, wake up in the middle of the night crying and hungry.

In the suburbs or a big house in the countryside, it’ll just be you and your partner who suffer from loss of sleep.

But if you’re raising children in an apartment complex, you may be worried about whether you are disturbing the neighbors.

Twitter user Mii-san (@hs2ms2) is one such mother raising a two-year-old boy in an apartment building.

Before the birth of her second child, she left a bag of small gifts hanging on her downstairs and next-door neighbor’s doorknobs, with a letter explaining her circumstances.

Mii-san said that the bags were safely retrieved by the intended recipients.

And then to her surprise, one day she received a letter from her downstairs neighbor.

It reads:

Thank you for properly introducing yourself.

Please don’t worry yourself and do your best to raise your child.

I pray that your baby is born healthy.

Mii-san posted the letter on Twitter, saying it’d deeply moved her.

Not only had her neighbor been kind enough to reply to Mii-san’s letter, but she understood and sympathized with her difficult situation.

The post was met with comments such as “That’s so sweet,” and “It warms my heart.”

Mii-san must have felt a little less stressed upon reading her neighbor’s kind words.

I think this story really emphasizes the importance of communication in difficult situations and how others can really surprise us with their understanding and empathy!

By - Mujo.