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Shiba Inu Stumped by Disappearing Act

Pets are often full of surprises and make us smile.

(@Shibamugi28) decided to turn the tables to get a reaction out of her dog, Komugi.

One day, her husband performed a magic trick for Komugi, disappearing before his eyes.

Holding up a large blanket between two doors in their home’s hallway, he got Komugi’s attention and…successfully vanished.

The blanket dropped, revealing an empty space where Komugi’s Papa had stood just a moment before.

Komugi searched the nearby room, running in a circuit three times, while his Mama egged him on, saying, “Dad’s not here. Where’d he go?”

Komugi seemed completely stumped, but suddenly… realized he hadn’t searched everywhere.

He ran back into the hallway and found Papa in the room across the hall, a big grin on his face.

Twitter users responded to the heart-warming video with comments like, “It’s too cute,” and “I loved it so much I repeated the video five times!”

Incidentally, some users who performed the same trick for their dogs didn’t get such a successful reaction, with one user saying, “My dog completely ignored me…”

Although some pets may not have been in the mood for magic tricks, Komugi’s reaction was perfect and I’m glad his owners shared this video with Twitter.

By - Mujo.