Just when you think Japan has already come up with every cat-themed item there is, they continue to prove that there’s more up their sleeve.

The latest cat-inspired product to come out of the country is a super adorable phone case that shows a mother cat nursing her kittens. It’s released under the Neko-bu brand, a collection of items from fashion & miscellaneous goods retailer, Felissimo.

The phone case comes in three designs that feature three cat moms and their baby kittens. The genius behind it is Japanese illustrator Nanana (@nn_pic91 on Instagram and Twitter), whose art style uses soft curves and colors to help express the fluffiness of cats.

As for its functionality, the phone case comes in two sizes, with the smaller one at 14.5 cm by 8.3 cm, and the bigger one at 16.8 cm by 10 cm. It also has pockets inside for cards, however, the back cover does not have a camera hole so in order to take pictures, you will need to slide your phone upwards.

They can be purchased within Japan and abroad for a price of 2,961 yen. Felissimo’s delivery system involves the products being sent out one month at a time, so it will take three months to complete all three designs. A small percentage of the sale goes to the company's fundraising for cat and dog protection activities in Japan, which you can read more about through their Japanese website.

By - Jen Laforteza.