Kimono fashion enthusiast Misamaru

Some of our readers may recall kimono fashion enthusiast Misamaru (@misamaru_boc), whose inspired layered skirt-over kimono look we featured in early December 2020.

Misamaru, who also happens to be a global ambassador for KUDEN by Takahiro Sato, a social, ethical and sustainable fashion platform selling "Next Kimono - Samurai Mode," a kimono-inspired Western clothing line, original accessories, as well as vintage kimono & haori jackets, leverages her passion for kimonos and her brilliant fashion sense to create hybrid looks which have won her praise online from kimono enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike.

Bringing Pokémon into kimono fashion

Soon after we featured her in grape Japan, her followers learned that she also had another passion aside from kimonos, which was Pokémon.


Using her own embroidery and refurbishing kimonos, she created a complete kimono outfit complete with kimono, and matching haori jacket, inspired by Water-type Legendary Pokémon Kyogre, and she posted her look to her Twitter account on December 19th, 2020, collecting over 188,000 likes and 25,000 retweets at the time of writing:

"I refurbished a plain kimono into a haori jacket and stitched my favorite Pokémon (Kyogre)!"

Reproduced with permission from Misamaru (@misamaru_boc)

Reproduced with permission from Misamaru (@misamaru_boc)

Reproduced with permission from Misamaru (@misamaru_boc)

Note the attention to detail. Not only did she embroider her favorite Pokémon on the haori, but also on the kimono underneath. Moreover, she even provided a matching obi belt with a Pokeball obijime cord.

In response to an astute Twitter user's comments, Misamaru confirmed that the design on the sleeves of the haori jacket represented Kyogre's fins and the white frilled cuffs represented its white nails.

Misamaru also posted a short video showing the work which went into the embroidery:


And then, just a few days ago on February 20th, Misamaru did it again, this time with Rayquaza, the other member of the weather trio, creating a bold embroidered design of the Legendary Pokémon that takes up nearly the entire length of the haori's back.

"I refurbished a kimono into a haori jacket and embroidered Rayquaza (Pokémon)!"

Reproduced with permission from Misamaru (@misamaru_boc)

Reproduced with permission from Misamaru (@misamaru_boc)

Reproduced with permission from Misamaru (@misamaru_boc)

As if the size and quality of the embroidery weren't impressive enough, Misamaru also embroidered an original obi to match the design. Not only is there a Pokeball obijime cord, but there's even a Rayquaza obi kazari decorative charm.

"It took me two months to create. I drew the draft with a pen then hand-stitched the design!"

If this pattern continues, maybe Misamaru's next creation will feature Groudon!

To find out what new kimono fashions and creations she will think of next, follow Misamaru at the following links:

By - Ben K.