With giant wearable cat heads and even a service that creates realistic wearable replicas of your pet's head, it seems like a good time to be both a feline fan and wool felt artist in Japan right now.

@sacocho is one such artist, who actually describes himself as a person who combines wool felt artistry and technology to create a crazy cat cafe (@kisou_catcafe). A couple years ago, the talented artist gained a lot of attention for crafting realistic (and somewhat creepy) felt cat roombas and monorails.

@sacocho is once again turning heads with his feline Frankenstein's creations, this time with a hyper realistic felt cat Roomba that responds to calling, rotates its head, and actually meows!

Meowing roomba cat is terrifyingly cute

The "Balloon Cat" is quite perceptive as well. If you try to sneak up on it, you'll be treated to a kitty jump scare straight out of Pet Semetary!

Baloon Cat is always watching you

That's just one of @sacocho's many crawling cat creations. Take a look at this spooky double furball he put together for Halloween.

Imagine you hear a meow, look down and see this gliding kitty.

For more awesome felt art cat and tech hybrids, be sure to follow @sacocho on Twitter and Instagram!

By - Big Neko.