Historic Japanese teahouse Itohkyuemon have truly perfected the art of portraying a season through a matcha parfait. The green tea purveyor was founded in Kyoto in 1832, and they deal in leaves procured from Uji, an area known as a tea paradise.

These high qualities teas have been used to create an array of stunning parfaits, celebrating different seasons in the Japanese calendar. They treated us to ‘momiji’ desserts for autumn, and perhaps their most famous creation is their gorgeous hydrangea offering for rainy season.

Of course the next long-awaited season is spring, and it would be strange if Itohkyuemon didn’t put their dessert expertise to use to bring out their own take on cherry blossom season.

This year’s sakura matcha parfait contains layer upon layer of cherry blossom and green tea goodness. The main bulk of the dessert is made up of sakura crushed jelly, rice puffs, homemade matcha jelly, and a dark green matcha syrup. The toppings, which are carefully arranged to look as beautiful as possible, include pink mochi dumplings, pink agar, sakura ice cream, sakura sweet potato ‘kinton’ and more. The pink and green colour scheme is a classic when it comes to cherry blossom season, and this parfait will put anyone is a spring mood.

The parfait, which goes on sale from 1st March, will cost 1390 yen or 1790 yen in a tea set. It can be found at Itohkyuemon's Uji Honten main store, JR Uji station and Gion Shijo branch.

By - Jess.