For green tea enthusiasts, a beautiful matcha parfait is a sight to behold, and Japanese eateries are battling it out to create the most elaborate, many-layered, tallest and aesthetically impressive green tea desserts possible.

But one arena in which historic teahouse Itohkyuemon excels is seasonal parfaits. The Kyoto tea purveyors have been around since 1833 and their main premises are located in Uji, an area known as a matcha paradise where the best quality tea is grown.

A firm green tea dessert favourite is their rainy season offering, the hydrangea-inspired matcha parfait with gorgeous lilac and blue hues and leaf shaped cookie accents.

Now the next seasonal event, ‘momiji’, meaning autumn leaf viewing, is upon us and Itohkyuemon have an intricate parfait to celebrate this revered Japanese season too.

The 'Momiji Matcha parfait' isn’t just bursting with autumn colours but also autumn flavour, like mashed sweet potato, sweet potato cream and chestnut. An autumn leaf-shaped jelly sweet and almond tuile cookie also decorates the peak of the parfait. Of course, the taste of Uji green tea is a given, with matcha jelly and roasted green tea (hojicha) syrup. This tall and tasty testament to fall will set you back 1390 yen.

If this titan of the fall dessert world looks a bit too intimidating, those with a smaller appetite can go for the adorable ‘Momiji Matcha Panna Cotta’ for 550 yen.

These timely treats can only be sampled in selected Kyoto locations of Itohkyuemon from 12th October. The parfait will be available in the Uji Honten (main store), JR Uji station, and Gion Shijo branches (until the end of November), while the panna cotta can only be found at the Uji Honten store’s souvenir corner (until 23rd November).

But if you’re not lucky enough to be visiting Kyoto this season, there’s plenty of matcha treats to be had in Tokyo too, like this premium matcha parfait trio.

By - Jess.