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McDonald’s new trio of rice burgers in Japan reinvents fan favorite

Just a few years ago, McDonald's Japan introduced what's become a well received exclusive night menu for big eaters in Yoru Mac (Night Mac). Available after 5:00pm, the menu allows customers to double the existing amount of patties on any standard burger on the menu for an extra 100 yen. Another appeal to the menu is that it's the only time you can order their limited-edition savory rice burgers.

Typically whenever the Gohan Burgers (Rice Burgers) are released, the toppings that are picked are the ones from McDonald's Japan's normal menu that best pair with the densely packed 100% domestic rice cooked in savory soy sauce that replaces normal buns, but sometimes they bring back a limited edition favorite or whip up a new one. Both are true with the newest trio of Gohan Burgers, as fans of McDonald's rice burgers will be able to enjoy teriyaki, short rib, and soy sauce crispy chicken for a limited time starting November 2nd!

The new trio of burgers uses 100% koshihikari rice from Niigata prefecture, highly regarded in Japan. The lineup of three offers the popular Gohan Teriyaki Burger, and introduces the Gohan Karubi and Gohan Chicken with Rich Soy Sauce. Here's a look at each burger.

Gohan Teriyaki

The returning Gohan Teriyaki uses a tasty pork patty tossed in a sweet and spicy ginger-flavored teriyaki sauce that's featured in McDonald's standard popular Teriyaki McBurger, and is said to be an even better pair with the rice buns. It's available for 420 yen à la carte and 720 yen in a set.

Gohan Karubi

Another fan favorite but new to the rice burger series is the Gohan Karubi, which serves an umami- rich thin-sliced karubi 100% beef patty marinated in McDonald's special spicy sauce, topped with crisp lettuce, and sweet lemon sauce. Available for 510 yen a la carte and 810 in a set.

It also comes with a new special wrapping that makes it easier to eat without spilling the sloppy contents of the burger.

Gohan Chicken (made with rich flavored soy sauce)

The Gohan Chicken option offers a lightly battered chicken patty with a savory soy sauce that has a lingering sweetness but a bit of a punch from the generous amount of onion and garlic used in the soy sauce-based sauce, and is topped with lettuce and cheddar cheese. Available for 440 a la carte and 840 in a set.

All three Gohan Burgers will be available from November 2nd for a limited time at McDonald's locations throughout Japan, and exclusive to the Yoru Mac menu.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.