The Japan-based operator of Japanese inns, Hoshino Resorts (星野リゾート / Hoshino Rizōto) has announced the opening of Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Kohamajima this spring, in the Kohama Island.

Kohama Island (小浜島 / Kohamajima) is a remote island in the peaceful Yaeyama Islands of Okinawa, also known for diving and snorkeling.

The first event that will take place at RISONARE will be held from 1st of April to 31st of May and will bring the visitors a new way of enjoying Japan’s most awaited event for spring, Hanami (花見 / flower-viewing).

The event is called Beach Flower Blooming RISONARE (ビーチの花咲くリゾナーレ / Bīchi no Hanasaku Rizonāre), and as the name suggests, colorful flowers will be blooming on the white sand beaches of the island.

The sandy beaches and the vibrant colors of the flowers create such a beautiful contrast when combined with the clear blue waters of the sea, so it is definitely worth the sight.

You can also enjoy the cool beverages and the island’s popular sweets with guava fruits while sunbathing or during your relaxing stay on the resort island.

You can find the cafe on the beach and also try out their adorable shaved ice that uses edible flowers and guava as ingredients.

What is even better is that you can eat the shaved ice while looking at the ocean and while feeling its gentle breeze.

Besides the Hibiscus art on the white sandy beach, there is also a hibiscus road where approximately 200 bright red hibiscus flowers are in full bloom on the path leading to the beach.

During these times, nothing sounds better than escaping to a remote island or having cold drinks while enjoying flower-viewing on the Okinawan beaches.

Therefore, for those interested in escaping the mundane and finding an oasis of peacefulness, I recommend checking more information about the resort and the upcoming event on the Risonare Kohamajima’s official website.

By - cinnamonellie.