In an island south of Okinawa, there is an island called Baras.

Surrounded by beautiful ocean, the island is also known as a "miraculous island". The beauty that is abound this island is like none other.

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Why isn't this island listed on a map? Well that is because it is formed out of coral shell. I guess you cannot officially call that an island.

Because the water's so clear, you can easily see the fishes. And seeing the sunset with nothing obscuring the view is simply fantastic - it's certainly an artwork made by nature.

Once the sun sets, sea fireflies gently light up the water surface, while the stars shine from above. It's not easy to find a view like this.

It's one of Japan's secrets; it's a great place for doing a wedding too. Regardless of what you do in this island - it will surely create a memory of your lifetime.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.