Founded in 1893, Japanese incense maker Kunjudo has been built a reputation for combining the traditional incense manufacturing history of Awaji Island with creative modern twists. One of the most popular products they've brainstormed is HA KO (葉香, or "leaf aroma"), which are elegant and fragrant paper leaf-shaped incense.

The beautiful paper incense leaves can be safely lit to burn and spread a variety of soothing fragrances on top of a special felt cloth and plate (lasting between 5-7 minutes), or left out as a decorative potpourri piece that will give of subtle pleasant aromas for up to 3 months.

One of their most stylish entries in the series are these black fallen leaf incense HA KO, which are available in three different fragrances.

Focus: Lemongrass, believed to stimulate body and mind with a refreshing scent.

Sleep: Lavender and cedar, thought to calm nerves and provide a sweet scent to fall asleep to.

Relax: Vetiver and cypress, used to relieve tension with a foresty frangance.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.