Last year, historic Kyoto teahouse Itohkyuemon started teaming up with convenience store 7-Eleven on a selection of special sweets. The green tea specialist was founded in Kyoto in 1832, and they are known for their high quality Uji matcha. Since travelling has become less desirable, and even going out to a cafe can be seen as risky, it’s the perfect timing for these Kyoto cafe-style desserts to appear at local convenience stores.

Itohkyuemon’s luxury matcha sweets have become conveniently available with a convenience store price tag. This matcha made in heaven occurs seasonally now, and a new collection of green tea goodies have appeared just in time for spring.

The lineup includes four new matcha creations which will go on sale in two bursts. The first duo went on sale from 23rd March and includes:

Uji Matcha Anmitsu for 320 yen (all prices are pre-tax).

And Uji Matcha Cheese Cream Sandwiches for 258 yen.

The second burst of offerings will appear from 30th March and consists of:

Uji Matcha Terrine Chocolat for 210 yen.

Plus Uji Matcha Choco Mochi for 160 yen.

Matcha dessert enthusiasts can find these sweets in the chilled section of branches of 7-Eleven across Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.