Maritozzo, cream-stuffed sweet brioche buns originally from Rome, have become quite the trending pastry around Japan, thanks in part to a Fukuoka bakery popularizing them and younger eaters gravitating towards their "Instagrammable nature". Since then we've seen a variety of variations and flavor twists, including luxury fall flavors and hybrids with melon bread.

7-Eleven Japan has also jumped in on the maritozzo craze, most notably by sending sweets fans into a frenzy with a super stuffed version of maritozzo inspired by the traditional Japanese sweet, dorayaki.

Now they've jumped back into the lab for yet another convenience store Frankenstein's sweets, fusing maritozzo and Mont Blanc cakes together into incredibly stacked creamy buns! For maritozzo fanatics everywhere, we just had to try it out.

(c) grape Japan

As the package says, the new treat takes a standard maritozzo, but tops the cream portion of the dessert with the classic chestnut-flavored puree of a Mont Blanc cake. The cream of the maritozzo is also chestnut flavored, making this a heavy duty serving of sweet chestnut goodness.

(c) grape Japan

What we noticed immediately is that the chestnut flavored cream, while looking quite imposing, was actually very light in texture. This made it actually a lot easier to look than its appearance suggests, and provided a good balance when paired with the heavier and sweeter Mont Blanc chestnut puree that tops it.

The buns themselves were only lightly sweetened, and had a buttery flavor that provided a well appreciated savory touch to the hybrid cake sandwich. They were also quite fluffy and helped soak up the two different types of cream that became even tastier when mixed.

(c) grape Japan

Those looking for a new spin on the maritozzo craze in Japan may want to swing by the sweets section of 7-Eleven Japan soon--just be prepared for a heavy dosage of chestnut flavor!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.