Returning for the first time in two years, Yasukuni Shrine’s ‘Yozakura Noh Theatre’ will see traditional Japanese performances held outside, beneath the cherry blossoms, and will be lit by fire torches (also known as takigi noh - or ‘noh by firelight’).
Taking place over 3 consecutive nights from March 31, the performances will be staged surrounded by the full blooms of sakura at the shrine. Currently, the weather forecast is looking clear for the show, so if you are looking for a once-in-a-blue-moon truly Japanese experience, the ‘Yasukuni Shrine Yozakura Noh Theatre’ could be it. Don’t miss this chance to view an outdoor takigi noh performance under the fluttering petals of the cherry blossom trees.

For beginners to noh theatre performances, the company running the event has prepared an online ‘pre-course’ to help viewers understand the stories and how the performances work

A guidebook for the event can be purchased at the venue for 1,000 yen. Limited to just 20 books, the Yasukuni Shrine Yozakura Noh Theatre guidebooks are redesigned for each annual event - this year’s design being a gentle light blue.
*Purchased guidebooks will be shipped after the event ends.

Yasukuni Shrine Yozakura Noh Theatre event details

Dates: Wednesday 31st March, Thursday 1st April, Friday 2nd April
Daily performance starting time: 19:00 (each performance is scheduled to end around 21:00)
Venue: Yasukuni Shrine Noh Theatre in the inner park
Price : SS ¥ 12,500 / S ¥ 8,800 / A ¥ 5,700 / B ¥ 3,600 (seating categorised by ‘SS’ ‘S’ ‘A’ and ‘B’)

Tickets can be bought for the event via ticket sales machines in Seven Eleven, Lawson and Familymart stores.
There are still spaces remaining for reserved seating, and same-day tickets are also available for category B seats.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.