Some of our grape Japan readers will probably recognize the maid cafe chain at-home cafe (previously stylized as @home cafe) with two locations in Akihabara and one in Osaka, operated by Infinia Co., Ltd. In addition to an on-site report last year, we introduced their venture into the field of virtual entertainment with Virtual at-home Cafe.

Meanwhile, those who are more interested in kawaii characters than maids may have paid closer attention to the cafe's collaborations with Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty, My Melody and Cinnamoroll.

They've also teamed up with another Sanrio character, Pompompurin, but now it looks like they're going to give him special attention.

If you're a fan of the laid-back Golden Retriever with the cute beret and a sweet tooth, you may have already heard (or perhaps even visited) the Pompompurin Café on Takeshita Street, Harajuku, one of three cafes in Tokyo, but now, Infinia Co., Ltd. has stepped in as producers, creating a permanent collaboration, officially opening on April 14th, 2021.

Introducing Pompompurin Café x at-home cafe in Harajuku


The Pompompurin Café is a party place Purin has prepared for all of his friends. There are many cute menu items that Purin has put much thought into to make everyone happy. Inside the cafe, Purin, Muffin, Whip, and many other friends will welcome you! The maids of the at-home cafe will also help out, making the party more fun for you when you visit.

You can enjoy a cute and varied menu designed by Purin and take pictures with him too.

The maids of at-home cafe will be dressed in original costumes based on the image of Pompompurin and look forward to serving you when you visit!


Main dishes

  • ふわふわなお布団でむにゃむにゃzzz ゆめごこち スフレオムライス (fuwafuwa na ofuton de munyamunya zzz yumegokochi sufure omuraisu / Mumbling in a dreamy state of mind under a soft and fluffy bed cover: Souffle omurice): 1,450 yen
  • プリンくんにメロメロ きゅるるん♪バターチキンカレー (purin-kun ni meromero kyururun♪batā chikin karē / Crazy over Purin-kun Butter Chicken Curry): 1,300 yen
  • しあわせのクローバーみーつけた♪ お花畑❀てんしんはん (shiawase no clover mi~tsuketaohana-bataketenshin han / "I found a lucky clover" Field of flowers. Crab meat omelette with rice): 1,400 yen


  • いっしょにおでかけ~♪ ポムポムプリン (issho ni odekake~pomupomupurin / Going out together♪ Pompompurin pudding): 700 yen
  • ぼくのおともだち♪ マカロンミルクプリン (boku no otomodachimacaron miruku purin / My friends♪ Macaron milk pudding: 700 yen
  • プリンくんのキラキラシャイニーパフェ (purin kun no kirakira shainī pafe / Purin-kun's sparkling shiny parfait): 1,150 yen
  • プリンくんと行く くいしんぼうツアー★ チョコバナナマウンテンワッフル (purin kun to iku kuishinbō tsuāchocobanana maunten waffuru / Going on a gourmand tour with Purin-kun★ Chocolate banana mountain waffle): 1,200 yen

Original drinks

  • プリンくんのカスタードプリンラテ~♪ (purin kun no kasutādo purin rate~♪ / Purin-kun's custard pudding latte♪): 850 yen
  • プリンくんのなんごくマンゴーラッシ~♪ (purin kun no nangoku mangō rasshī~♪ / Purin-kun's tropical mango lassi): 850 yen
  • マフィンくんのにがあまカフェモカでちゅう (Mafin-kun no niga-ama kafe moca dechū / Muffin-kun's bittersweet cafe mocha): 850 yen

Commemorative photo menu

Pompompurin Café Cheki polaroid photo: 550 yen

You can take a picture of yourself in Pompompurin Café. A special sticker made by Pompompurin Café will be attached to the photo, and it will be placed in an original base.

*If you want to take a picture with a maid, it costs an additional 300 yen.

Pompompurin's Birthday Plan

April 16th is Pom Pom Pudding's birthday! Pompompurin Café has prepared a special menu and novelty items to celebrate his birthday with illustrations of Purin-kun.

Purin-kun's Happy Birthday Special Parfait: 1,700 yen

*Available from April 14th to April 30th, while supplies last.

Limited Edition Pompompurin Birthday Novelty Item

In commemoration of Pompompurin's birthday and the opening of the Pompompurin Café, visitors will receive a special metal badge!

Pompompurin Special Birthday Appearance!

On the evening of April 16th, the day of his birthday, Pompompurin will make a personal appearance at the Pompompurin Café in Harajuku.

For more details and to reserve a spot, see here.

Pompompurin Café official Twitter account

By - Ben K.