As we've introduced previously, in recent years, Mister Donut Japan has collaborated with prestigious brands such as Pierre Marcolini, nominated as "Best Pastry Chef in the World" by World Pastry Stars in 2020, and Japanese green tea brand Gion Tsujiri.

Now, they have collaborated with Wittamer & Co., a Belgian chocolatier founded in 1910 with a royal warrant of appointment to the Belgian court.

Donuts and delicious Belgian chocolate together in one? Of course, we had to try them! We headed to our nearest Mister Donut shop and picked up three of the four donuts in the lineup.

Chocolat Samba

This doughnut is inspired by Wittamer's "Chocolat Samba" cake. The surface is coated with dark chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate stripes!

When you take a bite, you'll find two layers of ganache cream and ganache whipped cream inside. This is definitely a chocolate-lovers donut. Everything from the moist dough, the rich, creamy filling, and the coating were full of delicious Belgian chocolate. What we appreciated about it was the fact that it was not too sweet, and had a wonderful variety of tastes, creating an elegant dessert.

Chocolat Noisette

If you enjoy French or Belgian pastries and chocolates, then you may already know that "noisette" refers to chocolate made with hazelnuts. In this Chocolat Noisette donut, you can enjoy the rich flavors of hazeluts and cocoa. The surface is covered with a generous amount of ganache whip and sprinkled with cocoa powder.

After taking a bite, we were welcomed by a blend of hazelnut cream and ganache whip. The savory aroma of the hazelnuts and the crunchy texture of the graham created a memorable experience. In fact, this one was our favorite of the three because the blend of chocolate and hazelnuts really stood out and the creamy filling was so satisfying.

Chocolat Caramel

The "Chocolat Caramel," inspired by one of Wittamer's caramel chocolates, has a tasty chocolate dough coated with caramel chocolate and nuts sprinkled on top.

The caramel mocha cream is rich and slightly bittersweet and the caramel coating on the surface is so thick that it almost felt like eating a piece of chocolate!

Each donut we tried was so good that we were glad we had some help eating them or we would have finished all three (and regretted the calories later!)

The Wittamer & Co. Collection is only available for a limited time, so if you live in Japan, try them while you can!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.