With everything from raindrop citrus mochi to cat-shaped cheesecakes using the "king of cheeses", it's easy and not exactly wrong to brand Tokyo as the center of Japan's sweets world.

Other regions are not without their say in the matter, however, and Gifu prefecture has been melting mouths and turning heads with their extremely popular take on yaki-imo, or roasted sweet potatoes. Yaki-imo are sometimes enjoyed when bought fresh out of delivery trucks that patrol neighborhoods singing out to hungry customers, but specialty sweets store Tsuboyaki Imo Gifu Sohonpo Koujin's super popular treat has turned them into a fancy delight by fusing them with creme brulee.

Last year, a limited time sale of the decadent Potato Brulee in Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture became so popular that more than 250 people a day from outside the prefecture visited the store. Also last year, a limited sales event in Shimokitazawa recorded the highest sales in the history of pop-up customers in Japan.

The sweet potatoes used are "Koujin" pot roasted sweet potatoes that are slowly baked in a pot. The baking method of hanging the potatoes in the pot away from the charcoal fire prevents the skin from burning and makes the whole potatoes delicious. The potatoes are also cooked for a long time, which gives them a thick texture and sweetness.

They're then fused and topped with a rich creme brulee custard cream, which can be seared and sprinkled with flavored sugars.

The official online store will start selling from 21:00 every Friday.

In addition, "MINGLE" in Minokamo, Gifu, which was closed due to the effects of the coronavirus, has also reopened for business, and started selling the sweet potato brulee on limited days.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.