Uniform Net Co., Ltd. announced in a press release that they opened a new website for their AIGRA brand of earrings inspired by Aizu-gata 会津型, a traditional stencil dyeing technique from Kitakata 喜多方, a city in the north of Fukushima Prefecture's westernmost region of Aizu 会津. The website, which opened this month, provides information on the brand's history and background as well as a storefront where customers can make online purchases.

AIGRA, a portmanteau of "Aizu-gata" and "graphics," makes earrings with stylized graphic designs inspired by Aizu-gata stencils which were used to dye kimonos and other traditional fabrics.

AIGRA earrings and clips are light and comfortable to wear and do not put any strain on the ears.

Moreover, the earrings are sustainable items made of environmentally friendly materials (FSC certified paper and ECF pulp-blended environmentally-friendly paper).

Since the brand launched in April 2020, AIGRA has been selling its products both online and through consignment sales mainly to folk art stores, general stores, and restaurants in Fukushima Prefecture. Now in April 2021, they have opened a dedicated webpage to celebrate their first anniversary.

In addition to the roots and history behind AIGRA, information on the product lineup and the parts used to make them are posted on the website.

AIGRA will continue to disseminate the brand's individuality and the historical value of Aizu-gata through social media and other means.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.