Like most Japanese convenience stores, MINISTOP has quite the selection of hot treats, like cream cheese-stuffed fried chicken, but it's really built up its fanbase with their seasonal offerings of their popular MINISOF soft-serve ice cream.

That ice cream is going to be down for getting an extra treat served with it now, as in an effort to reduce an estimated 47 tons of plastic waste per year, MINISTOP will be experimentally replacing the plastic spoons that come with its popular soft-serve ice cream with edible spoons.

MINISTOP has announced that it will experimentally change its soft serve ice cream spoons (whehther you order a cone or cup) from plastic to "edible spoons"--made from ice cream cones, so they seem a perfect fit for when you order a scoop.

The experiment with edible spoons first began in May 2022 at two directly operated stores in Chiba prefecture, and is now being expanded in Kyushu and Shikoku prefectures. MINISTOP hopes to continue the expanded areas while gathering feedback from customers and participating stores.

By - Big Neko.