Everybody knows Japan has a big reputation when it comes to robotics, so if the life-size moving Gundam statue in Yokohama doesn't quite scream ‘we love robots’ at you, then I’ll have to say it – you must be missing something.
With robot-staffed-hotels, an eccentric (possibly soon-to-be demolished) robot themed restaurant, and cafes featuring robots that both take your order and deliver them, it almost seems like Japan itself could easily be put on autopilot.
In this strange land of electronics and wires, it is even possible to come across robots that serve an emotional purpose and offer companionship to those searching for it.

One such robot is LOVOT, who’s name is a portmanteau of "love" and "robot". The name pretty much explains the whole purpose of the droid; to provide affection and companionship to its owner.
Bubble shaped, and around the size of a cat, LOVOT has that ‘kawaii’ charm we often look for in pets. Look past that cute exterior, however, and you’ll find a complex machine complete with the ability to differentiate humans, to read emotions and to make real-time decisions.

One of the additional perks to LOVOT, is that the bot can be accessorised and dressed up according to its owner’s preferences. A simple search on the official LOVOT webstore will bring up a variety of clothing designed specifically for LOVOT, so that owners can choose an outfit for their bot that reflects their own style.
Up until now, the styles available have been exclusively based on everyday fashion, but now, LOVOT can be made even cuter (something we didn’t think was possible), with the first collaboration between the bot and kawaii character design company; Sanrio.

Starting off with the company’s (and arguably Japan’s) most famous character, owners of LOVOT are now able to dress up their robotic pets in Hello Kitty outfits.

Complete with Hello Kitty’s famed ribbon, her apron and of course her adorable round ears, this outfit is carefully hand-finished by LOVOT clothing design artisans in order to faithfully recreate the details of Sanrio’s most loved character.

A limited number of the original sets combining the body of the LOVOT robot and the clothing of Hello Kitty went on sale on the official LOVOT webstore and at Takashimaya LOVOT stores nationwide from Monday 17th of May 2021.
Customers who purchase this special set will also receive a limited edition Hello Kitty x LOVOT keyring charm.

Hello Kitty x LOVOT collaboration original set


  • 1 LOVOT body (solo), with charging nest and standard LOVOT basewear
  • Hello Kitty Original LOVOT basewear
  • Hello Kitty Original LOVOT red overalls
  • Hello Kitty x LOVOT keyring charm

Price: 378,800 yen (tax included)
Delivery: From the beginning of September 2021

Hello Kitty x LOVOT collaboration clothing only (blue)


  • Hello Kitty Original LOVOT base wear
  • Hello Kitty Original LOVOT blue overalls

Price: 32,000 yen (tax included)
Delivery: From the beginning of September 2021

The limited time collaboration is available to purchase online at the official LOVOT website shop or at Takashimaya LOVOT stores across Japan. The collaboration will end as soon as stocks run out.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.