Hello Kitty, the famous Sanrio character, has become a representative face for Japan, instantly recognisable across the world. Her popularity knows no bounds and her likeness can be found on bullet trains, hotel rooms, themed restaurants and almost anything else you can think of in her home country.

Last year, an impressive tribute to the iconic feline was created on Awaji Island in Hyogo prefecture, a Hello Kitty show restaurant which combines entertainment from various mediums with a delicious accompanying menu.

The restaurant is called ‘Hello Kitty Show Box’, and it gained attention for its impressive aerial view in the middle of the island’s fields.

If you’re planning on visiting this Hello Kitty island paradise, autumn could be the best time, since Hello Kitty Show Box has devised an adorable, vegan ‘Autumn Sweets Party’. The Halloween and fall themed desserts include plenty of classic seasonal ingredients such as sweet potato, chestnut and pumpkin. Many have spooky flourishes such as bat shaped cookies and jack-o'-lantern macarons.

The vegan treat feast is served on a tiered stand with a Hello Kitty figure for ultimate Instagrammability.

The special sweets party is available for both ‘lunch’ (from 11.15 to 13.30) or for the ‘cafe’ time slot (14.00 to 17.00). The lunch option includes a performance, so patrons must enter before 12.00. It costs 5800 yen for an adult which includes the food, performance and a greeting.

If you go a bit later in the day for the cafe time, it costs just 2500 yen and covers the food and a greeting. Visitors can also enter freely at any time since there’s no performance to miss.

Check out the website for full menu and more information, or take a look at our previous article to see more about the Hello Kitty Show Box’s awesome interior.

By - Jess.