Japanese retailer Mujirushi Ryouhin (often shortened to "Muji") makes its name on no-name products, opting for a theme of minimalism with its abundance of lifestyle supplies. The company has recently been taking an SDG-driven and eco-friendly approach to many of their products, releasing ready to serve soy meat meals that need no refrigeration and switching many of their PET bottle beverages to aluminum cans.

That trend seems to be continuing with a new lineup of 25 frozen food kits of cut vegetables, meat, and fish as a means of combatting food waste while also providing easy to prepare meals.

The lineup consists of cut vegetable packages that are ready to serve and require little to no preparation, as well as seafood, meat, and veggie meal kits that simply need to be prepared in a frying pan with an accompanying sauce. The vegetables and meat included in these meal kits are sourced from perfectly good but leftover meat and veggies from wholesale purchases that would otherwise normally go to waste.

The kits will be available at MUJI stores throughout Japan starting May 26th.

By - Big Neko.