Summer is coming. That means long romantic evenings, kakigori for breakfast, lunch AND dinner, and of course, the return of a pest that no one loves. The mosquito.

Luckily in Japan, there are a number of ways that you can rid your home of those pesky pain-in-the-most-unexpected-area menaces. From simple mosquito repellent sprays, to a variety of electronic gadgets that can both repel or kill depending on the level of ambush that you are under, there are plenty of products to choose from.
One of the most commonly used mosquito deterrents in Japan is the ‘katori senko’ – a green spiral shaped incense that contains insecticide. Whilst these incense coils can be burnt on the metal stand that is often included in the packet, a more popular way is to burn it inside of a traditional pig-shaped ceramic holder, which is known as a ‘kayari buta’.

A common sight in summer, the kayari buta adds a little bit of fun to the otherwise mundane mosquito coil.
This summer, the traditional kayari buta are getting a facelift in this stylish collaboration between design company, BEAMS JAPAN, and potters who specialise in making Mie Prefecture’s Banko Ware.

Made entirely by hand, the most notable feature in the collaboration is the kayari buta’s two-tone design, which is created by carefully submerging the body of the pig in a coloured glaze at a horizontal angle.
The traditional pattern on the head and nose – a characteristic of kayari buta – is retained, making this new design a fresh, yet simple crossover between the old and new.

The contrast between the unglazed and glazed halves of the body, make this kayari buta an excellent addition to any interior home decor.

Available in 4 different colours and 2 sizes, this stylish kayari buta is available to purchase from BEAMS JAPAN stores nationwide and online.

Colour: Indigo, Red, Black, Orange
Material: Pottery
Small: Width 11cm/ Height 12cm/ Depth 12cm
Large: Width 13cm/ Height 15cm/ Depth 13cm

Price (tax included)

Small: 2,860 yen
Large: 4,400 yen

PR Times

How to use: Hook a katori senko onto the wire which is located inside of the pig. For the large kayari buta, a regular katori senko (about 12cm in diameter) can be used, whilst a mini katori senko (about 7cm in diameter) will fit inside the small kayari buta.

*As each ceramic is handmade, it is important to note that there may be small differences in colour and shape from one ceramic pig to the next.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.