McDonald's Japan has never shied away from spicing up its menu, particularly embracing a Japanese love for seasonal and limited edition items as they have with Pikachu McFlurries and pumpkin and chocolate sauce covered Halloween fries. Their first campaign of 2018 is a "cheese festival", and is seeking to double down on the cheese factor of its popular Double Cheeseburger. Dubbed the "Surpass the Double Cheeseburger!" campaign, McDonald's Japan's New Year effort is introducing a lineup of challengers to the Double Cheeseburger throne that includes a habanero cheeseburger, a triple cheeseburger, and cheeseburger-flavored fries.

The lineup of cheeseburger contenders is as follows: a spicy double cheeseburger with habanero sauce, a "cheese-cheese double cheeseburger" with white and yellow cheddar cheese slices, a triple cheesburger, which won last year's "McDonald's Japan's Election", and a new double cheeseburger flavor of McDonald's Japan's popular "shaka shaka fries". If you're unfamiliar with shaka shaka fries, they are basically French Fries that come with a flavored seasoning powder and a paper bag in which to shake and mix up the fries and flavoring--"shaka shaka" is the sound they make when shaken.

The selection of burgers will be available at McDonald's throughout Japan for 390 yen, or 690 yen in a set, running from January 10th to end of the month. The shaka shaka double cheeseburger fries will run from January 10th to the beginning of February, and can be added to any set for an additional 30 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.