Due to its massive popularity, the grim and terrifying world of hit anime and manga Attack on Titan has seen some creative merchandise releases over the years, including personalized credit cards and super-expensive tactical gear. A recent collaborative effort between Tokyo Otaku Mode and Mingeki (official AoT fansite), however, might be the most practical and stylish series-related item yet. They've teamed up to offer this 4-way bag inspired by the vertical maneuvering equipment of Attack on Titan.

Available in two colors (black and khaki), the versatile bag can be worn four different ways, and is made of a durable waxed cotton twill, making it suitable for outdoor use as well as daily excursions. The normal bag comes with a genuine leather Survey Corps crest to prove your ability as a warrior (or eventual Titan fodder).

As bonus, there is also a Military Crest Set, which comes with with leather panels featuring the insignia of Survey Corps, the Garrison, and the Military Police Brigade.

While the main appeal may be the authentic design of the bag, it actually comes equipped with multiple pockets and zippers for practical use in storing the variety of items you may find in daily use or on special trips--which makes it doubly useful for Attack on Titan cosplayers.

The zipper is even designed as a utility blade, and you can run your headphones through it so you can listen to the anime's epic opening theme song as you battle Titans.

With a surprising amount of space inside, it could even be used as a book bag.

The bags are available for pre-order from Tokyo Otaku Mode, with the normal version of the bag priced at 12,584 yen and the Military Crest Set 14,744 yen. Delivery is set for next February.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.