There is nothing like an adorable kitten to get online viewers cooing. Indeed, netizens around the world are particularly sensitive to a spunky, mischievous cat. We at grape certainly are. We’ve covered museum-bound cats scuffling with security guards, Goro the cat’s shocked reaction to a trip to the vet, a pair of felines that won’t let their human telework, and a host of other cute cat compilations.

There is just something about these household members that make for compelling online viewing. As a Wikipedia article on the topic explains, images and videos of domestic cats comprise some of the most viewed media online. So much so that, thanks to lolcats and other viral pets such as Grumpy cat, some even consider cats the unofficial mascot of the internet. Purrfect.

Yochi The Cat

So, why not add one more adorable kitten to the list?

On his YouTube channel, Yochi the Munchkin cat vlogs about his everyday discoveries as a young kitten new to the world. It's no wonder that this furry little dude has amassed 50,000 plus subscribers with so many delightful videos of his whimsical curiosity. That's a pretty big accomplishment for such a tiny furball.

My favorite installation from his vlog revolves around 炭酸, carbonated water. His human pours him a cup; needless to say, Yochi is entirely perplexed by the sparkling beverage.

As you can see, Yochi is used to getting treated with water poured into a glass. After a drink, it's usually time for a snack a rest. Yet, on this occasion, the water is replaced with carbonated water, something unfamiliar to the young kitten.

Yochi immediately senses that something is up, yet can't resist the temptation of a novel experience. Wide-eyed and curious, he approaches the bubbling and fizzing concoction with caution. There is certainly something different between his normal drink and the new-fangled beverage. Yet, iron-willed as he is, after thorough investigation and switching to a bowl, Yochi works up the nerve to take a drink.

And his reaction, I must say, is wholeheartedly adorable. He's quickly taken aback as it seems like he's gotten a few bubbles up his nose. Regardless, after a full day of new experiences, it's time for a meal, a good petting session, and a nap. That's the life.

Later On

Later on, Yochi's human is at the computer editing videos for his channel. And just as for any cat, a human at a computer is something that cannot be left alone. Only there is one small problem.

Yochi is eager to see what's going on first-hand, but that computer is way up high on the desk. There is a bed nearby, but it's quite a jump. Never fear.

Only it's not as simple as it looks. The desktop is made of slick plastic with a rounded edge that is none too forgiving. Yochi tries jumping directly on it, but it's a bit too far for such a small kitten. Yochi seems to land hard, but you know what they say about cats. He gives it another shot…and another. He's just gotta see what his human is up to.

Beaten, but not broken, Yochi looks for another way up on to the desk. He finds that the side of the desk, although far from the computer, is much more accessible from the bed. On his first attempt, he makes it and can finally get the attention he deserves. It's also a chance to see what's up with this whole computer thing he's been hearing so much about. After everything is said and done, it turns out a computer is just another fantastic place to take a nap. Good ol’ Yochi.

By - Luke Mahoney.