If you’ve ever been to a summer festival in Japan, then you know just how much fun and how inclusive they can be. It’s all about bringing communities together to celebrate with food, drink, and of course they wouldn’t be complete without traditional songs and dance. Even if, like me, you’ve been cursed with two left feet, don’t worry – these dances are simple, meaning any mistakes you make will only add to their quirkiness and will leave you and those around you smiling.

There are a range of unique festivals in Japan, ranging from the kawaii to the kowai, so whatever it is that you are into, you can be sure there’s some kind of festivity for you to enjoy.
If you are a lover of all things kawaii and a fan of Sanrio characters Hello Kitty, Pompurin, Gudetama and friends, then you will delighted to hear of the return of Sanrio Puroland’s Summer Puro Festival which is set to take place from Friday 9 July to Tuesday 31 august 2021.

Take traditional Japanese summer festivities and add a bucket full of kawaii, and you’ll get the Sanrio Summer Puro Festival, which after a 2 year hiatus is back!

During the event, performances of fan favourite "Hello Kitty's Pop'n Fancy Summer Festival" will be performed at the Entertainment Hall on the 1st floor, using popular summer songs from Puroland.
Enjoy the performance however you like – wave your Den-den daiko (which can purchased at the show) in excitement, join in the dance, or sit back and relax as the show goes on in front of you.
After the show, there will be the option to interact with the characters (for a charge) at the "Pop'n Fancy Summer Festival Photo Session”.

At the Puro Village, a special workshop (charged) will be held where guests can enjoy colouring Sanrio Characters.
In the evening, after the park is closed, there will be the return of the special live show entitled “Puro Summer Festival LIVE!!!” which was a popular hit when it last took place in 2019.

Enjoy summer alongside your favourite Sanrio characters, who will be dressed in seasonal yukata and happi coats. Souvenirs will also be available featuring the characters in their traditional summer festival wear.

If you are feeling hungry at the event, Puroland has got you covered, as they will also be bringing back their ‘Meat and Cheese Festival’, which was also popular at the previous event held in 2019. The hearty menu will feature a range of character inspired meat and cheese dishes.

Hello Kitty's Pop'n Fancy Summer Festival

A traditional Bon Odori performance featuring Sanrio characters wearing colourful yukata and taking part in the dance. A big highlight of the event is seeing Dear Daniel perform on traditional Japanese Taiko drums.
Guests are welcome to participate with a variety of fancy festival goods such as the ‘Fruit Den-den daiko’ which will be available to purchase for 660 yen.

Performance location: 1F Entertainment Hall
Characters: Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel, Popompurin, Cinnamoroll

*The performance of Sanrio Puroland’s live show ‘Go for it!’ will be suspended during the Summer Puro 2021 event period.

Pop'n Fancy Summer Festival Photo Session

For an additional charge guests will be able to meet and greet with the Sanrio characters after the performance of ‘Hello Kitty's Pop'n Fancy Summer Festival’. At every meet and greet there will be 2 characters dressed in traditional happi coats.
This event will be limited to just 15 people each time.

Performance location: 1F Entertainment Hall
Characters: Pochacco, Tuxedo Sam, Keroppi, Badtz-Maru, Hangyodon, Pekkle

Puro Summer Festival LIVE!!!

In the evening, the park will close, but that doesn't stop the fun there. Available with reserved seating only, Puro Summer Festival LIVE!!! will feature Sanrio characters performing live on stage to a range of music genres; rock, hip-hop, techno, disco and soul.
This year, popular summer and character songs from Puroland have been added to the music lineup. Additionally the illuminations and light shows have been renewed to make this event a night to remember.

Performance location: 1F Puro Village
Characters: Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel, My Melody, Kuromi, Pompompurin, Cinnamoroll, Wish me mell, Pochacco

The Sanrio Summer Puro Festival 2021 will take place at Sanrio Puroland from 9 July through to 31 August 2021. For tickets and more details about the event check out the official website.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.