One of the biggest effects of COVID-19 is the impact that it has had on the entertainment industry.
More than 70% of jobs in the industry, such as those of performers and actors, have been lost since 2020, with some reporting that their ‘income has dropped to less than 50%’ whilst 80% state that they now have no income at all. As more than 90% of events and performances have been cancelled, there have been increases in mentality issues as performers out of business lose sight of their goals because of COVID-19.

Of course it is not just the performance industry that has experienced hardships because of the virus. Over the past year, the number of unemployed individuals in Japan has reached 1.97 million people (an increase of 380,000 from the same month of the previous year), whilst more than 3.43 million have experienced a significant reduction in their income.
These financial issues may be seen as an individual problem, but in actuality they in turn have an effect on what we choose to invest our time and money on. For example, 26.8% of those who have quit traditional culture and performance classes since the outbreak of the virus have attributed it to ‘a decrease in income’.

As less and less people engage and learn about traditional culture and arts, the looming threat of their disappearance to time grows stronger. Because of this, those who have the know-how and are passionate about the preservation of traditional culture are standing together to pass on their skills to the next generation.

Opening on 7 June 2021, Art & Culture Studio Kotonoha aims to ensure a future for traditional Japanese performance and arts by providing comprehensive lessons and experiences.

Art & Culture Studio Kotonoha was founded to break through the current situation and to pass on the knowledge and skills of Japanese culture, traditional performing arts and entertainment – which are currently in danger due to COVID-19 – to the next generations.
The studio, based in Sugamo, will deliver in depth lessons and experiences of various Japanese culture and arts that center around sword fighting and Japanese dance. Additionally, the studio plans to distribute their content online, so that it can be enjoyed by people all across the world.

The studio will offer a variety of classes and lessons in traditional culture and arts such as, Japanese theater, Japanese dance, sword-fighting, calligraphy and sake expertise. The lessons will be provided in a supportive atmosphere, allowing people of all ages to easily experience and continue to learn about Japanese traditions.

Art & Culture Studio Kotonoha
Grand Opening: 7 June 2021
Address: Sugamo Daiichi Building 3rd floor, Sugamo , Toyoshima-ku, Tokyo

By - Connie Sceaphierde.