We've observed before that there's nothing about sushi that dictates raw fish be a topping, with Japan dishing out Kit Kat sushi as the most recent evidence of that. While the more traditional toppings remain the go-to, it makes sense that Japan's love of seasonal goods would be a launching pad for another variation of sushi. This week the Shinjuku branch of the Odakyu Department Store will be offering up a Spring seasonal favorite from Kumamoto as a topping with strawberry sushi!

The strawberry sushi roll features a topping of Kumamoto prefecture's "yuubeni strawberries" along with balsamic vinegar to create a sweet and sour salad-like snack roll.

From February 15th to 21st, the department store in Shinjuku will be running a a Strawberry Fair event titled "Carrying in the Spring!" on the second floors of the main building and Halc building. The promotion will be offering a series of strawberry-themed goods, using the famous strawberries of Kumamoto prefecture in Kyushuu, the leading strawberry producing region in Japan (they even have a strawberry-themed marathon). For those who want to try out Kumamoto's strawberries, but aren't quite ready to plunge into the sweet waters of fruit sushi, a lineup of sweets will also be offered.

Yuubeni Strawberry Daifuku (red bean-filled mochi cakes)

Yuubeni Strawberry Danish

Yuubeni Strawberry and Prosciutto Cup Salad

Yuubeni Strawberry Tart

Heading all the way to Japan to try strawberry sushi probably doesn't fit budgets and schedules, but if you happen to be in Tokyo during the event dates, it's a creative way to sample some of Kumamoto's yuubeni strawberries. And if you aren't in town, maybe try your hand at sushi rolls at home with some balsamic vinegar and strawberry toppings to see if you are into fruit sushi after all.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.