Chocolate brand Tirol seem to be on a mission to recreate every type of parfait beloved by the Japanese public as one of their signature tiny chocolates.

We’ve seen their diminutive version of peach parfaits (a summer favourite), and they’ve even collaborated with a historic Kyoto teahouse called Itohkyuemon to create a strawberry matcha parfait-inspired chocolate. The two companies made such a successful team last time, that Itohkyuemon and Tirol are back to their old ways, but this time another type of green tea is taking centre stage.

Itohkyuemon are famous for their matcha, but they also deal in other types of tea, including hojicha. This roasted green tea is known for it’s brown-red colour and toasty taste and makes just as much of a delicious parfait as matcha does.

Tirol's hojicha parfait chocolate is just a bite-size tile, but it includes all kinds of treats to replicate an actual parfait. The outer layer is hojicha chocolate with a layer of feuilletine at the bottom. The inside consists of milk cream to give the impression of ice cream and gummy sweets to add a mochi-like texture.

This tasty-looking morsel will be appearing in branches of 7-Eleven in Japan from 30th July onwards and will cost just 45 yen. Of course it’s probably not as satisfying as a real hojicha parfait, but it’s a pretty sweet quick fix for dessert lovers!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.