Japanese Twitter user YASUTO (@yasuto8888)’s hobby is photography, and particularly shots that show the charming relationship between his grandmother and her dog.

A photo that he took and and recently shared of his grandma and her beloved Shiba Inu, Fuku-chan touched many people’s hearts.

Take a look at this beautiful photo in a sunflower field.

Source: @yasuto8888

In the soft sunlight, YASUTO's grandma and Fuku-chan sit together side by side with their faces so close in a sunflower field.

You can tell that they are both so content and happy just being next to one another.

There were many comments left on this photo from the people who were also touched by this beautiful shot such as “This is so sweet”, “This photo is so beautiful it made me tear up a little”, and “What a wonderful photo”.

You can only imagine that Fuku-chan and grandma are simply inseparable.

A photo like this makes you smile and feel happy just by looking at it.

By - Mugi.